What brand is "real"?

by Brant

I want a real Japanese steel sword. I'm talking Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo type shit. Not some mass produced p.o.s with an English blade. I want a real samurai sword. Where's the best place to get something authentic?

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Real World Hattori Hanzo Options..
by: Paul

Hi Brant,

We actually list some sites where you can buy either antique or recently made genuine Japanese Katana in our Japanese Sword Sites Directory.

There are three sites listed there that you can use to source a genuine Nihonto. The first is Japanese Sword.com where they sort the sword primarily by price, with some bare antique blades even available for under $2,500 (most of which are at least several hundred years old and have most likely seen actual use in battle or sword fighting at one time or another in their history).

For the equivalent of a Hattori Hanzo blade - i.e. made recently by a qualified master smith, your best bet is with here at Aoi Art Japan which is based out of Tokyo and you are assured to be able to get the "real deal"..

Prices are listed in Japanese Yen with the cheapest in their Masterpiece selection starting at around 2,000,000 yen (approx US$17,400) and going up to around 5,000,000 yen (approx US$43,000)..

These prices are for the bare blades only - but they will be the real world equivalent of a Hattori Hanzo Katana and are made by true Masters of their crafts..

There are a few other sites here and there that sell the genuine thing, but check out our directory and these two recommended sites to start with and you should be able to at least get some idea of what is available, how much it costs, and the procedures to bring them into the USA, etc.

(The only other way is probably to travel to Japan, but it is actually perhaps the most difficult way unless you speak Japanese and are able to pass a kind of 'interview' where the seller will try to find out if you are 'worthy' to buy the blade - it is not as simple as just plonking down some cash and saying 'I will take it' generally speaking..)

Anyway, hope this helps and good luck in your quest.

- Paul

'Real Sword'
by: Anonymous

I would suggest that people read Paul's 'Real Swords 101' to get the proper information on swords available today. Doing so will help the prospective buyer immensely before he or she spends their hard earned money. It certainly was insightful for me as I knew nothing before making my first (but not last :) ) purchase via SBG.

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