What Should i buy?

This is my very first sword I'm hoping to cut water bottles at most with it. I'm just so new to all the 1060 1095 CS ETC. for example I'm looking at this one and i was wondering if I could get professional input on this swords quality.

Description says Full tang

A) Overall Length: 40"
B) Blade Length: 27.5"
C) Blade Steel: Handmade Folded Carbon Steel
D) Blade: Factory Sharpened
E) Handle Material: Hardwood
Price : 130 Australian Dollars

sorry if this an incorrect use of the question system. thank you :)


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Sounds okay, except for the folding..
by: Paul

Hi Michael,

At that kind of price (around US$100) a folded blade is going to be problematic if you want to use it for anything other than display..

See our article Damascus Sucks: Don't Believe the Hype for info on why folded steel is not a good choice for basic, entry level swords (it is okay at a much higher price point).

You can also read about the various sword steels here to understand what kinds of steel swords are made from and the benefits/drawbacks of each type.

If the same seller offers a non folded carbon steel blade (which at this price point, will be made from 1045 carbon steel) this would be a better choice.

Hope this helps!
- Paul

I need help
by: Daniel Sol

I'm new in this thing about swords but i got interested and took the time to read some of your articles (very handy btw) and found a Musashi sword that i think its ok but i could use the opinion of an experienced collectionist. I'll be very happy if you can tell me if i made a right choice. Pd: this would be my very first sword

Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae method
27 1/2" 1060 high carbon steel blade with clay temper process
Real hamon, not wire brushed or printed
Real ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap
Steel tsuba, fuchi, and kashira; brass habaki
Hardwood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish
39 3/4" overall

Not bad bang for the buck..
by: Paul

Hi Daniel,

Sounds like a decent enough deal. Musashi Swords are a decent brand - honest about what the sword is and what you get, and priced very competitively.

There is more info on our site here about this brand in general.

True enough, they aren't in quite the same league as Hanwei, Ronin, Ryujin, etc - but as long as you are fully aware of their strengths and limitations and buy from a reputable seller, you should get decent bang for your buck.

Hope this helps!

- Paul

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