Which katana for an experienced sword user: Tenchi or kaze

by Joeseph
(Dallas, Tx USA)

QUESTION: I have light duty cutters and a junk blade from a long time ago. I am due for a tough and sharp heavy duty cutter. I am asking for your opion on which katana I should get.

ANSWER: Hi Joeseph,

It is a tough call - so I suppose it depends on your definition of 'heavy duty'..

The Kaze can handle anything a traditional Katana can - but even a $2000 Differentially Hardened Katana will struggle on really heavy duty targets that a Katana was never designed to cut... (as demonstrated by my recent review of a $2,000+ Katana...

For all round versatility though, and totally 'fearless' cutting on demanding targets, I would go with the Tenchi. Or better still, the SGC Katana. These are the meanest of the lot, though a lot beefier than your regular Katana...

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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