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by Paul Seaman
(Charlottesville, VA, USA)

QUESTION: Hi Paul. How can I contact you (to compliment your great website). I can't find an email address anywhere on this website. I assume that's deliberate?

Paul Seaman,
Charlottesville, VA, USA

ANSWER: Hi Paul,

The only reason I don't put my email address directly on the site is to avoid getting it harvested and spammed (SBG is a pretty high traffic website).

But I can be contacted directly via this form, I just try and encourage people to use the sword questions FAQ page first as that way, my answer is available to help many others who may be searching for it.

Thanks and talk to you later.

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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"Your contact info" link?
by: Paul Seaman

Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing back. (Great name, btw.) But shouldn't this page be called "MY"-contact-info, rather than "your-contact-info," because it's about contacting YOU (whose site this is), not me (a visitor)? More importantly, (and I do thank you for putting this page up) if one were a visitor to this site, and wanted to contact you, as I did, shouldn't there be a link to this form on the homepage?

This is an impressive website. I appreciate your breadth of knowledge, your impatience with sword-elitists' pretentions, and your earnest desire to get quality swords/replicas into the hands of sword enthusiasts on a limited budget. And you seem to be having fun doing it! (That's so cool that you've been able to make a vocation out of it.)

I am amazed that in the four years that I have been collecting/buying swords, and Googling them, I have not run across your site till now.

Thanks for your service. I'll write again.


There used to be
by: Anonymous

Hi Paul,

(Great name indeed. ;-)).

I used to have a direct link to the form, but as it is I get around 40-50 emails a day even now and back then it was more like 100+ and often found the same questions kept coming up.

So at least with the FAQ page, I may get to answer them once and other people will be able to find the answers there.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback - out of curiosity, what google search found SBG? I tend to get a lot of traffic from google, but obviously have missed quite a bit too. ;-) lol.

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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