Your personal opinion of the 300 Sword

by PlasmaProductions

QUESTION: My friends and I at Plasma Productions - an amature, non-profit filmmaking company deticated to making low budget films) is in the pre-production of a movie that will require a variety of swords....

It is a fantasy movie, based off of a book one off our members wrote.

The 300 Sword interested me from the time I saw the previews for the movie. I watched the movie, and really wanted the sword. My friend was enthusiastic about using swords from POTC, and I said NO. They don't interest me, sabers. But the 300 swords, they are really interesting. One of my friends has this sword, and let me hold it. I loved the feel of the sword. But I would like to know if this replica at 'swordsswords' is a good deal on the sword. I would love to buy it. But at this point, I can't make a good descion about said sword. I would like your opinion, as a 'sword expert', of this sword.

Thank you for your time.

- PlasmaProductions

ANSWER:Hey guys,

I have done a kind of mini review of this same sword on my site here which will give you my opinion...

But in a nutshell, I wouldn't be wanting to use it for a movie - simply because it is a bit sharp and could cause serious injury as structurally, it isn't really suitable for swinging it around if you know what I mean...

It may be difficult to find some fantasy swords that are suitable though, as they are few and far between on the market.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they are good for collectors - but not so good for any kind of actual usage... Especially steel on steel (you would be better of looking at some of the Swords by 'Cas Iberia', 'Darksword Armoury' etc that were designed for use and look good too...!

Best of luck with the movie.

- Paul

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by: Plasma Productions

Thank you again...
We much appreciate this.
What would you say of the Kingdom of Heaven sword?

-Plasma Productions

Kingdom of Heaven Swords
by: Paul Southren

Actually, the Kingdom of Heaven Swords are pretty good and very functional (some of Windlass Steelcrafts best work actually). There is a review and some info in the movie swords page - have a look and see what you think.

Kingdom of Heaven Sword
by: PlasmaProductions

I've seen this one all over the web, is Windlass the best to buy it from? Is it good for battle sequences?

like something a main character would use....

a lot...

cuz we don't want to have to buy two, if it can be avoided...
we are... budgetally challenged, I'll say...
we make no money from our films, and we don't all have jobs yet. so we need something that wil last and still be cool at the end.
Do you own this sword? is it a beautiful piece?
-Plasma Productions

Windlass KoH
by: Paul Southren

It is a very sturdy sword, could definitely be used for fight sequences. The edge is around 1mm thick, so it is still a bit dangerous - but certainly not as lethal as a truly sharpened blade.

I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed with it. And it will definitely be something you will want to keep once the movie has been made.


- Paul

Tensa Zangetsu
by: Plasma Productions

Hi again, what would you say of the sword, Tensa Zangetsu for a fight? Where would be the best place to get it for a reasonable price? We need this sword for one of our characters....

(please remove this part of it)
Please contact me via email about these sword issues with movies... (thats all that should be taken out)

Please give me suggestions!

-Plasma Productions

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