Your review Hanwei’s Practical Ninjato and Cheness' Custom Bujinkan Katana

by Alvis Yardley
(Stephenville, Texas)

QUESTION: I have a quick question: Why the difference between the types of tests between the above two weapons? That is, why did you use, largely, very different tests with which to test these two weapons?

Thank you.

ANSWER: That is a good question. The answer is that both swords are actually very different swords, so doing the same tests would not be appropriate.

The Hanwei Practical Ninja sword is differentially hardened, and therefore naturally with a more brittle edge - so destructive tests like those used on the Cheness Bujinkan Oniyuri would only destroy the sword and not really demonstrate much at all.

On the other hand, since the 9260 Spring Steel of the Cheness sword is so durable, it makes sense to see just how durable it is.

Basically, it boils down to knowing a bit about the sword before testing it - otherwise there is no way to really see what it can and can't do.

Hope this helps.

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