Your thoughts about the Bushido Fuji katana and the site as well.

by Jeroen
(Belgium )

QUESTION: Hey I'm thinking about buying the Bushido Fuji Katana from the site: its put under the section: functional katana's and the brand would be (logically) bushido.

Could you tell me if the site has a good choice of swords I personally think they do but since I'm willing to buy my first katana I'd like to hear your opinion about the site and the swords on it.

If this bushidokatana isn't good what other katana would your recommend buying?

kind regards Jeroen

ps: very good site I love the tests and reviews on the swords you've been handling

ANSWER: Hi Jeroen,

I can't vouch for or against the website in question as I have not had any dealings with them personally, nor know of anyone who has either...

There are several recommended European sellers in the official SBG European Sword Buyers Directory that I have no hesitation about recommending.

As to this brand, they are pretty typical of swords at this price point - nothing special and nothing too horrible either. But have a look in the official directory as I think you may be able to find some other better known pieces that will give you some more bang for the $.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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bit of advice
by: Ben

Hey i couldnt load that page but ill give u abit of help, i few months ago i bought my first katana, and for it was verry nerve raking seeing all these words with little idea of knowing what realy makes a gd blade, and it depends what u plan to do with it realy but if u just want somethin to give u an idea what it feels like to have a real sharp katana that will cut and at the same time will be forgiving when u accedently hit the wood of the cutting block then id sugest u go for somethin that is made of any steal from 1060-1090, a spring steal is more forgiveing, (trust me not a gd feeling if it bends from u or a freind cutting wrong, more importantly find a sword that u genraly like and email the retailer and ask him if its a gd sword will it cut that sought of thing

any way gtg

gd luck and find one that u fall in love with and u wont be disapointed


Fuji Katana
by: Scott

The Fuji is an ok starter sword you may want to check out Ryumon too at that price. I bought my last 2 swords from Japaneseswords4samurai and had excellent service - very fast shipping!

by: Anonymous

Just got one of these myself.
don't expect it to be as pretty as in the picture, you'll have to do a lot of cosmetic polishing and shining. As far as practicality is concerned, ITS A CUTTING MACHINE! I killed an 8galon alloy drum a couple of days ago, lol. You will not be disappointed, spending time on the blade will make you fall in love with it even more...and I paid considerably more than your site is advertising it for....

Bushido Fuji Katana Review
by: Mark

Hi there,
I recently purchased the Bushido Fuji Katana and was thoroughly impressed. As most of of know, with sub $300 katanas, the furniture (tsuka-ito, tsuba, kahira etc...) tend to lack quality and finish. This is not the case with this sword. In my opinion the selling point of this weapon is it's close attention to detail with the fittings. The tsuba for example, has a stressed copper relief of mount fuji that is comparable to the Paul Chen Bushido Katana. The fuchi and kashira both have very subtle gold accents that really compliment the overall appearance of the sword. The blade is well shaped and quite sharp and features a full length bo-hi. The only draw back and this is true with most production level katanas is the polish on the blade. With a little more time and effort the blade could be polished to bring out the beautiful characteristics of the steel. For it's price point, I think the Bushido Fuji Katana is an excellent addition to any sword enthusiast's collection.
Mark Ross

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