27 inch "Fire Dragon" katana

by Cindy



My Near black, dragon themed fittings match the black same and cotton ito. The beautiful sparkling crimson saya completes the theme. Most importantly, the beautiful blade with natural hamon which is the real beauty of this sword.

I have been practicing Iaido for a few years now, and after using first a bokken, then an iaito, I finally felt ready to purchase my first katana. I wanted a red saya and dragon themed fittings, so I went with the following:

27" Blade with Bo-hi
Tsuba - P2
Fitting - C3
Ito A5 - Black Cotton
Black Rayskin
S5 - Crimson, Sparkling

This sword came from the latest batch of custom katanas to be delivered, and I just received it yesterday! Just in time for this contest! I am so pleased with this blade, and the fittings and colors are just beautiful. Unfortunately, the saya has a crack in it so I will have to have to get that resolved before actually using the sword.

I have my next iaido class this weekend and am looking forward to showing off my new "fire dragon".

A NOTE FROM PAUL: The saya was damaged in transit, but as always, we will fix it!

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