29" Dark Wave Katana

by Eric
(Southern California, USA)

29" blade w/bo-hi, B116 tsuba, C9 fittings, A1 blue cotton ito, black same, S11 black textured saya

I generally like mokko gata (4 lobed) tsubas, but I wasn't crazy about the ones first offered on the SBG Custom Katana. However, when I say the B116 tsuba offered with version 2.0 of the sword, I had to pull the trigger and get one. I liked the wave design of the tsuba and wanted a darker looking sword, so I went with the blue ito and black same. I also chose the relatively dark C9 fuchi & kashira and the black textured saya to finish off the design. I couldn't be happier with the way it came out.

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