All-white Katana

by Bobo
(The Netherlands)

In its saya

In its saya

I'm absolutely impressed by the quality of this sword. I haven't actually used it for cutting anything yet, but it feels very solid. No worries about it not being strong enough. The detailing is very nicely done. It even got a nice black Sageo cord, just as I asked for.

The only flaw I can spot is that the Sageo is a little loose (easily remedied) and the Habaki has a little play as well, but those are very minor things. The quality of the Kashira, Fuchi and Tsuba is excellent, more than I dared hope for. The factory-chosen menuki are well picked as well. The Tsuka feels solid, and is firmly attached.

The blade itself is gorgeous. The Hada and Hamon are very nicely subtle. In some light, you can't even see them, but in the right angle beautiful patterns emerge. I also like the Hamon style. Just irregular enough to feel hand-crafted, but still regular enough to be really pleasing. There is a very distinct Yokote on the blade, which I hadn't expected, but after looking at it for a bit I feel it really gives it a character of it's own.

All in all it has been well worth the wait, and, like advertised, it is amazing quality for it's price. I'd still think it was pretty good if it were twice as expensive.

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