Premade "Black Dragon" Katana

by Andrew
(Canada B.C.)

(I did not post any pictures because this design is already in the gallery)

This was my first katana purchase, and I told myself, if I'm going to buy one, it has to be real, no crappy wallhanger.

This katana is just that! The blade screams quality, plain and simple, its absolutely beautiful. And for $330, the quality of this blade is amazing.

I heard at first that the hamon was a bit faint, but its far from it, its quite visible and very real, and is what really gives this blade its quality.

The fittings do the job, I wish I could make my own design, but I did not want to wait the 90 days to get it, so when I saw these Black Dragon katana being sold directly on the store, I jumped on it, and I'm VERY happy I did.

Thanks SBG, for making my first purchase easy and successful.

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